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Parthasarathi Desikan belongs to a family of predominantly South Indian lineage and nurtured Hindusthani Classical Music in Bengal. Born to parents pursuing profession other than music, the latent impulse was first induced in Partha by his mother when he was a tiny toddler. He began his musical odyssey under the affectionate guidance of Smt Deepti Mukherjee, a disciple of Late Pandit Vinayakrao Patawardhan who was the then Great Maestro of the Gwalior Gharana.

It would hardly be an exaggeration to proclaim that Parthasarathi, in his childhood, was a prodigy. His participation in the junior talent programme and All Bengal Competition, both organized by the West Bengal State Music Academy placed him in the midst of the spotlight as he achieved first position in Khayal. He stood first in Bhajan in the prestigious All India Radio Music Competition.

His tutelage under Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty was the turning point in Partha's life. His Guru who imparted great knowledge and training to Partha has great influence in his life. He passed the stringent audition test at ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata and spent ten long years as a scholar under the constant vigil of his Guru Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty. During his tenure as a scholar in the Academy he had the good fortune of coming in close association with eminent musicians like  Pandit A. Kanan, Ustad Latafat Khan, Ustad Nisar Hussain Khan, Vidushi Smt Girija Devi, Pandit V.G. Jog and Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh to name a few. As a grade "A" scholar of the Academy Partha has shared stage with Maestros like Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pt Hari Prasad Chowrasia, Ustad Rais Khan Sahib in different cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bareilly, Kanpur, Allahabad and other places of West Bengal as a part of the Music Festivals organized by the ITC SRA.

Under the strict but very affectionate grooming of his Guru, Partha slowly blossomed into a very able disciple and a promising and competent performer of the younger generation.

Partha has imbibed his Guru's style with immaculate precision. His control over the notes and the intricate rhythmic variations give indication of his rigorous practice utter devotion and perseverance. He has performed for the Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Yadgaar Sabha at IIC New Delhi. He also performed at concerts organized by Sangeet Natak Academy Lucknow, NCPA Mumbai and in places like Chandigarh, Bangalore and Chennai. He also toured extensively in USA, Europe (Spain, Belgium) and England. Blessings and accolades from listeners in India and abroad have always  inspired Partha to mature himself as a complete and competent musician of his time.

 Though Indian Classical music has always been Partha's main domain , he has also tried doing experimental projects which speak  volumes of his versatility and vast repertoire .He is the lead vocalist in the very popular Band called Rhythmscape and has recorded numbers for their album. He has rendered his mellifluous voice in both Bengali and other regional Feature Films. He has done  fusion projects with musicians from India, France and Africa.



parthasarathi desikan
parthasarathi desikan
parthasarathi desikan


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